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What is butt acne + how can I treat it?

Talking about butt acne shouldn't be taboo because we all get it from time to time. I know discussing butt pimples can be embarrassing, mostly because they can be bumpy and itchy.

Well, these little red bumps aren't exactly the same type of acne you get on your face, chest, or back. This type of breakout is called folliculitis, an irritation or blockage of a hair follicle. A blocked pore causes facial acne. Folliculitis doesn't just happen on your bottom. It can occur anywhere there's hair.

BUTTT... there's good news: there is a way to clear that pesky butt acne.

To treat folliculitis, I recommend using antifungal cleansers and shampoos, gentle exfoliants, and oral antifungal supplements. You may also need to make a few lifestyle adjustments to put those butt pimples in their place.

A great place to start is by using a gentle exfoliant like my Mandelic Cleanser + Mandelic Serum. Not only are these products great, but they'll also help clear your butt acne right up. Taking oral supplements like Olive Leaf, Oil of Oregano and Garlic can also aid you in your battle against those bumps.

Here are a few ways to help clear and prevent your butt acne from flaring up:

- If you work out regularly, synthetic leggings might be the cause of your problem because they trap your sweat and irritates your hair follicles.

- Wear breathable fabrics such as cotton or moisture-wicking workout clothes and underwear.

- Shower right away or soon after your workout. Lounging in your sweating gym clothes is a breeding ground for bacteria and irritation.

- Don't shave or wax over your bumps. It can lead to further irritation and can eventually cause an infection.

- Although it may be tempting to scrub the hell out of those annoying bumps, using harsh scrubs can make the irritation worse and make your skin angry.

- Keep away from thick body lotion and body oil. They can trap bacteria in the follicle and make the issue worse.

- Keep the area dry by applying Gold Bond Powder- it's acne safe.

- Don't use fabric softeners or harsh detergents on your clothing and sheets. Fabric softeners and fragrance detergents contain a waxy residue that can be very irritating to your skin and clog your pores.

Most importantly, be nice to your bum. We often neglect it because we sit on it all day. Show it a little love with a booty facial using the products I carry at the acne studio.

If you want help clearing up your butt acne email me at with any questions.

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