• Autumn Hodak

The Skin Purge

You know that feeling when you just know that the new acne cream you bought will work? You can feel it in your bones. Well, you've been using it for a week or two, but you find that you have more breakouts than before you started this new routine. Your skin could be purging, or you could be reacting to the products.

A purge is your skin reacting to an active ingredient such as AHA's or BHA's. These ingredients can trigger your cells to turn over, causing your skin to exfoliate faster, bringing congestion to the surface. Not to worry, this is a totally normal process when your skin is adjusting to these new ingredients.

Your skin cycle typically renews every 28 days. Using these types of ingredients sends a signal to speed up the exfoliation process, which can lead to purging, allowing your skin to reveal beautiful, healthier skin cells.

A purge can look different for everyone, but it usually appears as congestion (blackheads+whiteheads). There are a few misconceptions when it comes to purging or having a reaction to a product. A reaction usually appears as redness and irritation. It's important to understand the difference between a purge or reaction to make sure a product works for you or against you.

Depending on the person, a purge can last 6-8 weeks. If the purging seems to last longer, I recommend consulting your esthetician. While you purge, resist the urge to pick or touch your face. Let the process take its toll. Keep your skin routine simple during this time, do not add anything new to your routine, and wear your SPF every day.

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