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The Scoop on Adult Acne

As if adulting isn't hard enough, we have to worry about breakouts too.

Do you remember having acne as a teenager, and people would tell you not to worry because you'll outgrow your acne? Well, they were wrong. Acne doesn't just magically disappear with age.

Hormones, stress, and genetics are all major culprits for acne, and these are not things that go away when you get older.

Adult acne is very common; in fact, studies show that 50% of women between ages 20-29 have acne, and 25% of women ages 35-49 are affected by acne.

We tend to think that acne only happens during puberty because of the hormones' surge. It turns out we're not immune at any age.

So the big question is, why am I still breaking out?


Another common misbelief about growing out of acne is that our hormones start to level out in our twenties, so our acne will too. Yes, this is true, our hormones do level out in our twenties, but we experience other factors that can lead to hormone fluctuations.

Periods, pregnancy, birth control pills, and menopause. Oh my!

These hormones play a large role in oil production and how quickly the skin sheds dead cells, which is the perfect cocktail for an acne flare-up.


Stress is another biggy. Let's be honest adulting can have some stressful moments. Our oil glands have a receptor for the stress hormone cortisol, and when stress ramps up, so does our oil and inflammation, which also triggers a flare-up.

There has never been a better excuse for some wine and mask time. Soothing Clay Mask


Genes also play a significant role in adult acne. Although a gene causing acne hasn't been found, in studies involving women over 25 experiencing acne, 67% reported an acne family history. Don't worry; just because your mom or dad had acne doesn't mean breakouts are in your fate. There are treatments, knowledge, and products to stop history from repeating itself.

Although your acne isn't different from your teenage years, you should be treating it differently.

As we get older, our skin changes too. Our cell turnover slows down, and our skin thins. So those harsh acne products that we could tolerate when we were teens should not be used when treating adult acne. Since adult skin is more prone to sensitivity and irritation, we must treat it with more claiming products.


When it comes to cleansing your skin, you want to opt for something gentle. Our Madelic Cleanser is a great choice for adult acne because mandelic acid is an anti-bacterial and naturally brightening alpha-hydroxy acid known for its extra gentle action, making this mild but mighty cleanser the perfect acne-fighter for adult skin.


A toner is essential for unclogging pores and enhancing the absorption of serums. A great toner for adult acne is our Sal-Toner because it is a gentle exfoliant that contains anti-inflammatory and brightens ingredients, all to help improve your breakout and skin's texture.


Treating adult acne without serum is nearly impossible. So a great start is our gentle mandelic acid 8%. It's an antibacterial powerhouse, perfect for keeping those pesky breakouts at bay.


Adult skin tends to need more moisture than teen skin. This can be a little tricky because you want to avoid adding oil and keep your skin hydrated to help protect it from getting irritated. But I got you covered: Cran-Peptide is an ultra-soothing moisturizer ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. This moisturizer also helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It's a win-win.


Using all of these amazing ingredients to get clear skin requires you to protect your skin as well. Did you know that sun exposure is the number one factor that leads to premature aging? Our SPF 30 is a lightweight sunscreen that is a good choice for daily wear, even under makeup.

There you have it, we may not be able to outgrow our acne, but there is a solution for keeping your adult acne under control. The best way to start is by scheduling a consultation at Nirvana by Autumn to help you through the clear skin journey.

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