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Hi, I am sharing this blog post of Nirvana by Autumn's policies and procedures because I want you to receive the best customer service known to skin-care-kind!

Because Nirvana by Autumn is a home-based acne studio, I do things just a little differently. I want you to understand how Nirvana by Autumn operates the way it does to take care of all your beauty needs in the most professional way possible. And sharing this type of info with you helps me keep Nirvana by Autumn a safe and healthy environment.

Late Policy: I totally understand that driving across town, you’re bound to hit a red light or two or three. I will do my best to fit in your entire appointment as long as it doesn’t cause me to run late for the next client.

However, if we must shorten the appointment, you will be charged the total amount for the service booked. Please plan to arrive only 5 minutes early. I want you to relax and not feel stressed or rushed.

🚗Arriving at your appointment: I know how easy it is to just come back to the studio when you arrive, especially if you’re running a little late. I do, however, ask that you remain in your vehicle at every appointment and check-in when you arrive.

This policy is for your safety. I once had a client that arrived an hour early to her appointment, and I wasn’t expecting her. There was a stray dog that came up and scared the bejeebers out of her. I would like to know when you arrive to make sure I am properly prepared for you. Waiting in your car and checking-in keeps the studio flowing perfectly.

🤳Virtual Receptionist: Did you know I have a virtual receptionist? Her name is Vagaro. LOL, I have an online booking system in place because I am a one-woman-show, and I need help keeping up with my amazing clients. Online booking allows you 24/7 booking access. When my clients schedule their appointments online, I get to spend more one-on-one in the treatment room. And I’ll be honest; I am a terrible receptionist.

Think of my online booking as my virtual receptionist. You can schedule, reschedule, and cancel all through the booking app. Once you start to use Vagaro, you will LOVE it! If you’re outside of the studio, you will be doing all of your scheduling and rescheduling through online booking.

📧Contact: I don’t want you to think that I am ignoring you if you send me a text message, but Nirvana by Autumn is no longer using text messaging as a form of contact. I can no longer keep up with texting clients, but I do offer unlimited email communication. However, I will use texting as a form of emergency contact, such as running behind on the appointment before you or if something comes up in less than 24hours. I want to give you the BEST customer service, and I can do so by email.

🗓Cancellation Policy: I ask for your cooperation and respect in honoring the studio’s 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. This allows time for Nirvana by Autumn to fill the spot you reserved.

For, anything under 24 hours, I will try my best to fill the space with a client on the waitlist. Unfortunately, if I’m not able to fill your appointment spot, you will be charged an automatic cancellation fee of $50. Now, I am not a stickler - everyone gets 1 free “oops” pass.

🚫No Show Policy: If you decided to no show you better let me know that you are ok... because when a lady doesn’t show up for her skincare appointment, I just assume something terrible has happened. Nirvana by Autumn knows how serious you are about looking and feeling beautiful! Please don’t no show... it really stinks.

Nirvana by Autumn is dedicated to the service of each individual client. My goal is to provide you with the best experience to focus on your skin’s health and wellness, and self-care. With your understanding and cooperation with the studio’s policies and procedures, I will maintain this healthy and empowering environment and continue to provide you and every client with exceptional service.


Autumn 💖

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