• Autumn Hodak


May is skin cancer awareness month, and in honor of skin cancer awareness month, I wanted to bring some SPF facts to light.

It is so important to wear sunscreen every day because unprotected sun exposure can be an enemy to your skin. Sun exposure is the number one cause of skin cancer and premature aging in our skin.

When it comes to the sun and your acne, I often hear clients say that the sun helps clear their skin. This is not true. At first, sun exposure can definitely make your complexion seem clearer and more even, but this is a short-term illusion, my friend. In the long term, all that sunshine can make your breakouts even worse!

While the sun is drys out your breakouts, it's actually stripping your skin's natural oil, which triggers your sebaceous glands to produce more oil to compensate. So after a few days of sunbathing, your skin will be more oily than before.

All of that drying results in an influx of dead skin cells. And if you have acne, you already battle with excess skin cells, so adding more dead skin cells to the mix is the last thing you'll want to do.

When you mix the influx of dead skin cells with the extra oil production, it creates the perfect cocktail for more breakouts to form. It's also essential to wear SPF daily because many acne treatments and medications make your skin more sensitive to the sun's UV rays, leading to sunburn and sun damage.

As a skin care professional, I often get asked, "why do I need to wear SPF if I'm not outside?"

Think about it, you're sitting at home with the blinds open, enjoying the beautiful spring sunshine; UV rays can still penetrate through windows. This includes driving in your car and being at work while sitting next to your window. This type of sun exposure is called ambient sun exposure, meaning it's not deliberate, but short-term exposure can add up to a lot of sun damage over time. The easiest way to prevent this sun exposure is to create a habit of applying sunscreen to all exposed areas of your body including, your neck, back, arms, ears, and hands, every morning.

The sun is not color blind. If you have been blessed with melanin, your skin is naturally more resistant to sun exposure and sunburn. However, you should still be wearing SPF every day to prevent inflammatory damage, premature aging, and damage leading to skin cancer. And for those of us with darker skin types, we are more prone to hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Wearing SPF daily will help prevent this type of hyperpigmentation. EveryBODY needs daily sunscreen.

Although all sun damage doesn't show up in a sunburn, sun damage can show up in later years and make an appearance as wrinkles, rough skin texture, sagging skin, or even skin cancer. It's important to love and protect your skin from outside factors because your skin is beautiful, and it is the only one you got.



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