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How to Prevent Breakouts While You Workout

If exercising is a part of your daily routine, you're probably wondering how to care for your skin while you get your lift on.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your skin clear while working out:


Wash your face before you hit the gym. Heat+sweat+makeup is a bad combo. Washing your face first will help prevent bacteria, oil, and sweat from accumulating on your skin, especially if you wear heavy makeup. I recommend cleansing with a gentle cleanser and follow with a toner and light-weight moisturizer.

If you're going to the gym or are exposed to sunlight, make sure you use a light-weight, non-pore-clogging moisturizer and SPF. Suppose you're not ready to go to the gym without some coverage. In that case, I recommend using a light dusting of Osmosis mineral pressed based powder, it contains zinc oxide, a natural sun protectant. - Available at Nirvana by Autumn.


Avoid touching your face during your workout, especially while using gym equipment, the machines tend to breed bacteria. You don't want to introduce new bacteria to your skin. This can cause more breakouts or make existing acne worse. ** Always wash your hands before and after a workout.

Post Workout:

Cleanse your face with a mild gel cleanser; this will help remove any oil, sweat, and toxins from your skin. I love using Face Reality's Ultra Gentle Cleanser; it's a sulfate-free gel cleanser that is safe for anyone with skin prone to any type of acne, including acne rosacea. ** Avoid harsh ingredients like sodium + sulfates in your cleanser. They can dehydrate your skin.

Apply moisturizer and SPF after cleansing, then apply your toner, serums, and follow immediately with your moisturizer and SPF (if it's still daylight).

FAQ: I am going to exercise. What is the best routine to do before I workout?

Clean, hydrate your skin with SPF (if you're working out outside.) If it's the morning, cleanse, tone, and use clearderma (plus SPF if needed). In the evening, cleanse, toner, and moisturize. Do your full routine after you exercise. If you exercise midday, do your morning routine post-workout.

I hope that these tips help to keep you clear while you get your sweat on!

Love + Light,


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