• Autumn Hodak

How to keep your skin clear during the holidays

Even though celebrating the holidays will look a lot different for many of us this year, we'll still be having fun with some of our favorite traditions. While traditions are fun, post-holiday breakouts are not so much.

Here are a few tips for dealing with holiday breakouts:

Get your beauty sleep:

While you sleep, your body and skin repair itself. A lack of sleep means a lack of repair. If you plan on staying up watching Christmas movies and baking all night, make sure you squeeze in a nap or two. Hint-hint, that's why they call it beauty sleep.

Freeze it like Elsa:

You're going to hear me repeat it over and over again, but it's simple ice cubes can help get rid of pimples. Place the ice on your breakout and hold it there for a few minutes. The cold helps to reduce inflammation and redness. Follow up with your Sulfur Spot Treatment. The cold from the ice increases the penetration of the product into your skin to enhance effectiveness.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:

A healthy skin barrier relies on hydration. Your skin barrier help keeps bacteria out and keeps your cell turn over consistent. Since many ingredients used to control acne can be drying, adding some moisture back into your skin is always a good idea. It helps reduce inflammation. Choosing the right moisturizer like Cran-Peptide Cream for your skin is crucial during these chillier months. It is an ultra-soothing moisturizer that regulates oil production and contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Leave the redness for Santa:

If you take the holiday cocktail of lack of sleep, excess sugar, and stress, this can lead to some bumpy, red pimples. You'll want to get your inflammation under control ASAP! Be sure to avoid scrubs on your skin because they can lead to more irritation and inflamed skin. You'll want to opt for a gentle, gel cleanser that kills bacteria and reduces oil production like Mandelic Face and Body Wash. Follow with Sal-C toner to calm and hydrate your skin.

Most importantly, have fun and remember that you are beautiful.

Merry Christmas!

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