• Autumn Hodak

Finding Your Esty Bestie

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Whether you need help getting your acne under control or just noticing another wrinkle that you swear wasn't there last week, your skin is always going to need care. But collecting a drawer of skincare samples from the beauty counter or every new product at Ulta is not the answer.

Products might offer a temporary fix to your skin problem or have an adverse reaction and worsen the problem. And I know that it can be extremely frustrating, seeming like an endless cycle and a huge waste of money. The first step to addressing your skincare issue is understanding your skin, and luckily there is a professional to help you along the way, an esthetician.

An esthetician is a licensed skincare professional who performs skincare treatments like facials, advanced exfoliation, and waxing to improve and maintain your skin. But finding the right esthetician will require more than a simple Google search, and I'm here to share some tips o how to find the right esthetician for you.

I like to categorize estheticians into three categories: general esthetician, medical esthetician, and specialized esthetician.

Your general esthetician typically works at a salon or day spa and preforms traditional facials. Medical estheticians usually work closely with a dermatologist and perform more advanced treatments and laser. And your specialized esthetician chooses to specialize in one or two services such as acne, waxing, and or lashes.

If you're dealing with a skin abnormality or disorder, please visit a dermatologist they will best assist you.

I recommend starting your hunt by asking your friends for recommendations.

While looking for an esthetician, you should check to see if they have a website. Having a website will tell you a lot about an esthetician and their place of business. You can get an idea of the services that they offer and also their values.

When visiting the website, make sure you get a good look at the establishment's appearance, is it your style? Is it clean, relaxing, or fun, and fashionable?

Pay attention to the appearance of the esthetician. Do they make you feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed? Do they ask you plenty of questions during your consultation and first visit? A good esthetician will ask you a lot of questions. Have they had a lot of experience performing the type of treatment or procedure you're going to be receiving?

Some bonus things to make your esthetician journey a little easier: do they specialize in a particular service you're looking wanting such as waxing, ance, or aging? What are their hours of operation? Knowing their hours will help you decide if scheduling will be an issue. Please check their policies to ensure that they are in alignment with you as a client.

Regardless of how you kind your esty bestie, they should make you feel safe and comfortable. Everyone's skin and needs are different, so it's important to know that they are the pros to help your skin journey a little smoother.

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