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Clear Your Skin While Social Distancing

There's just something about being on a Zoom call that makes you more mindful about your skin more than ever. Even though you may not be able to get in for an acne facial right now, you can still be taking steps to achieve acne-clear skin.

I have some helpful tips to get you started on clearing your skin while practicing social distancing.

Going Makeup-Free

I don't know about you, but going makeup-free has been a Godsend. I'm sure your skin will be thanking you too. Going makeup-free gives your skin a break and your pores a chance to detox. Wearing makeup can clog your pores and slow down your cell turn over. Removing your foundation from the equation will speed up the results of your products and enhance your glow.

Eat Well

I know that sticking to a healthy diet can be a little challenging during the holidays and during times of stress. And being in quarantine makes us want to snack a little more, am I right? The good news is we are given the opportunity to cook and prepare healthier meals that we've been saving to your Pinterest board.

Catch Up on Sleep

You'll hear me preach this a lot, but it's so essential to having healthy skin. While you sleep, your body regenerates and repairs the damage done throughout the day from UV and other environmental factors. While you're in deep sleep (the rem cycle) antioxidants, get supercharged to fight off free radicals. It's also the time in which growth hormones responsible for repairing and regenerating collagen recharge. Also, your cortisol, the stress hormones, which causes thinning of the skin and increases oil production, is decreased during sleep. So make sure you're catching those zzzs.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Stress is a normal reaction during these difficult times. We can't control the circumstances, but we can control how we respond to it. Do whatever you can to relieve stress. Facetime your BFF, sip on your favorite cup of tea, take a virtual yoga class, or work on a project you've been putting off.


Make more time to mask. There is nothing like a soothing, clarifying facial mask to calm your skin and mood. My go-to quarantine mask right now is Soothing Clay Mask. It draws out impurities and grime to deep clean your pores and infuses your skin with nourishing elements.

Don't Slack

Staying consistent with your skincare routine is a must now more than ever. Because you can't get in for a treatment, your routine will help you achieve clear skin. Although we can't be together in the treatment room, I can still give you personalized advice and products.

Start a New Regimen

Starting a new routine usually requires an acclimation phase, or maybe it's time for you to take your current routine to the next level by bumping up products. Now is a perfect time.

When you join my acne program, your skin will go through an acclimation phase because it will increase your cell turn-over. That means everything is getting pulled to the surface, including pimples that have been lurking underneath the surface. It also means your skin may appear flakey or dry as dead skin cells rise to the surface and shed away. This phase usually lasts 30-45 days, depending on the condition of your skin.

At Nirvana by Autumn, I have the perfect virtual acne program to help you jump start your journey to clear skin. This a customized program that helps you achieve your clear skin goals. If you're ready to break up with breakouts, schedule your consultation here.

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