• Autumn Hodak

Are you a product junkie?

Have you heard the saying, "it's not hoarding if it's skincare"? Well, this year's theme is all about letting go of things that are no longer serving you, and that my beautiful friend includes skincare.

I'm talking about being a product junkie because I know that there is one in all of us. You probably have that one cabinet filled with skincare that you have collected over the years. You know, that so so cleanser and that makeup you have long past its expiration date. No shame. Girl, I've been there too, and now it's time to let them go.

I understand that getting rid of products can be challenging, especially if you have spent a pretty penny on them. But I am here to tell you it's ok, and I can help coach you through the process if you need help too :)

Your skincare routine should be two things... something you love and simple. I'm talking about waking up every morning and looking forward to doing your routine because it leaves your skin feeling amazing, and it's giving you results.

The beautiful thing about the new year is that we can get a fresh start, and as your esthetician friend, I'm going to share the perfect start to your new you, new skincare routine.

Cleanser - You'll want to have one really great cleanser in your beauty collection. I love this Ultra Gentle Cleanser or the Mandelic Cleanser. They are gentle yet very effective for treating acne.

Toner - Yes girl, you need a toner. My favorite toners are the Moisture Balance for days when I am feeling a little dehydrated or Sal-C toner to help keep my oil and breakouts at baye.

Serum - I know that there are hundards of serums on the market but when it comes to treating breakouts you want to keep it simple. My clients are currently loving the Mandelic Serum and Acne Med, a benzoly peroxide.

Moisturizer - After you do all of these steps in your routine you want to seal all of those ingredients and their benefits into your skin and that's where your moisturizer comes in to play. Check out Clearderma or Cran-Peptide to help keep your skin perfectly hydrated.

SPF - Wearing sun protection everyday is required for treating acne. You want to make sure you're keeping your skin protected from indoor and outdoor elements especially while using active ingredients. I recommend this lightweight sunscreen that you can even wear under your makeup. Daily SPF30 Lotion also contains calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help sooth those pesky breakouts.

That's it for your beginner's guide to a simple yet effective routine. Easy right? Now for the fun part, time to pitch. Go through your skincare stash and throw out or donate all of the products you do not love.

Next, schedule your one on one consultation with me to get you started on your clear skin journey so that you can have the acne clear skin that you've always wanted.

Love + Light,


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