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Acne in Autumn

Pumpkins. Candles. Fuzzy Socks. Coffee. All of my favorite fall things.

As the weather changes, it's time to start adjusting your skincare routine for those crisp fall days. Even if you make a few changes to your routine, you can help improve your breakouts.

Just like the seasons, your skin changes too. You might start to notice more oiliness because our hormones can fluctuate in the fall. Or you may experience dry spots, overall dullness, along with more acne.

When the air gets colder and the humidity drops, the skin tends to dry out and become dehydrated. While your oil production stays the same or increases, when your skin is dehydrated, it causes dead skin cells to buildup on the surface of your skin. These dead skin cells mix with your oil in your pores and form tiny blockages. These blockages trap oil and bacteria underneath the surface of your skin, resulting in breakouts.

The best way to prevent more breakouts will be to provide your skin a little extra TLC with hydration and proper exfoliation during this time of year.

Fall Skin Tips:

Give your skin a hydration BOOst:

Hydration is always key, especially when the temperature drops. The products you use to reduce oil on your skin and prevent acne from forming can deplete your skin's water retention.

Dehydrated skin has trouble healing; it flakes more and is more prone to breakouts.

I always recommend adding in a water-based serum that includes hyaluronic acid like Hydrabalance. Hydrabalance prevents water loss from your epidermis (outer layer of skin). It also contains antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize:

If your skin is feeling tight or you notice more flaking, it's time to switch your moisturizer. You want to keep your skin extra protected since it will be exposed to colder air, indoor heating systems, and drying acne treatments. Your skin will need an acne-safe moisturizer like Clearderma. Clearderam is a soothing moisturizer that contains potent antioxidants, nourishing, and has antibacterial properties.

Change your pillowcase:

While you're getting your beauty sleep, that's when your skin detoxifies its self. So all of those toxins, oils, and hair care products get trapped in your pillowcase. By changing your pillowcase and sheets 1-2x a week will help keep your skin healthy and clear.

Girl, wear your SPF:

In the autumn and winter months, you're still exposed to UV rays. You're exposed 365 days a year. When it comes to too much sun exposure, it can be your skin's one enemy because it causes pigmentation, dark spots, scarring, and uneven skin tone.

Also, many acne products and treatments can cause sun sensitivity. Plus, too much sun exposure can lead to premature aging... you do not want that. Don't forget to apply your SPF as your last step in your AM routine. Even if you're staying in all day snuggling your furbabies.

Get regular treatments:

Fall can bring on many new activities, making it hard to balance life, work, and prepping for the holidays.

Getting wrapped up in our busy task can lead to a lack of self-care, which results in neglecting your skin, but neglecting our skin can cause more problems later on. To keep your breakouts under control is critical to be consistent with your home care + acne treatments.

Pro Tip: Prebook your treatments to keep up with your routine.

Keep your pores clear:

Now more than ever, you want to avoid pore-clogging ingredients:

These ingredients can be found in certain skincare products, laundry detergents, and even hair + body care.

If you are suffering from acne and cannot find a solution to clear your skin, Nirvana by Autumn has a clear skin program, Skin Nirvana, designed to get you clear skin in as little as 3-8 months, depending on your acne type.

Do you need professional advice from an esthetician/acne specialist? Schedule an appointment for a consultation to get personalized advice on products and treatments that are right for you.

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