What makes Nirvana by Autumn so unique?

Forget trying to treat acne with everything under the sun. I will work with you and dive deep into your skin type and lifestyle to design the best treatment and regimen plan for your specific skin needs. When you start your journey on The Path to Skin Nirvana, you will get real results without prescriptions and drugs.

How does the acne program work?

The Path to Skin Nirvana combines the magic of clinical-grade products that are formulated for your type of acne. Along with a series of bi-weekly treatments that are enhanced with different skincare modalities. I take your journey a little further and teach you about other acne triggers - foods, medication, cosmetics, stress, and common ingredients that are found in other products that may contain pore-clogging ingredients. During your first visit, I will do a thorough skin analysis to determine the best path and home-care regimen for your skin journey.

What is acne?

For most people, acne is an inherited condition of the pores. When someone is prone to acne, their pores clog with dead skin cells much faster than normal. Healthy pores shed about one layer of dead skin cells per day inside the pore, but acne-prone pores shed up to five layers of dead skin cells per day. The body just can’t keep up with keeping the pore clear.

If my skin is sensitive can I still join the acne program?

Absolutely, at Nirvana by Autumn, I know that all skin is not one size fits all. There are different layers of treatment and products. That's the beauty of this program; it is completely customized for YOU. We won't give up until we find the right treatment + products for you.

I have tried everything on my acne, and nothing works, can you still help me get clear?

Girl, yes! This program is designed for you! Just like you, I have tried everything until I found esthetics. I promise if you follow the program religiously and give it your all, you will be amazed by your results.

My acne isn't too bad and I don't want to join the acne program, can you still help me?

Nirvana by Autumn only treats acne and breakouts under the full acne program. If committing to bi-weekly treatments and the recommended products than Nirvana by Autumn may not be the best fit for you.

What is the cost of the acne program?

Your initial investment in products is $150-$200, most of the products will last you roughly 8-12 weeks depending on your specific regimen. The active ingredients are purposefully put into smaller containers as they will be strengthed at different points in your treatment plan. The cost of treatments is $75. It typically takes about six treatments over three months. If you come in for just a consultation, the price is $50. If you come in for the consultation + treatment, which most people do, the cost is $90.

What is going to happen at my first appointment?

I will consult with you regarding your experience and any prior treatments that you have had (if any). I will analyze your acne and help you figure out what is causing your particular condition. You will receive useful information regarding products, diet recommendations, medications, etc., I will take some pictures to track your progress about once a month. Your skin will be tested for sensitivities. You will receive a routine suited for your acne type, and I will show you how to use the products. If you are getting a treatment, we will perform the treatment, which includes a mild corrective peel with extractions or a gentle enzyme treatment with steam and extractions. *Generally speaking, neither of these are uncomfortable. You may or may not experience some mild peeling after these treatments.

What are extractions?

A manual form of cleaning out blackheads and comedones from your pores. I apply gentle pressure with my fingers, q-tips, or my ultrasonic skin spatula.

Do extractions hurt?

Extractions may not be super comfortable but the process is tolerable and crucial for the processing of acne to promote the healing process.

Why do you perform extractions?

It’s the fastest way to get you clear – I extract the current lesions out and the home care prevents the new ones from forming. It takes up to 90 days for acne to form and reach the surface of your skin, so in the 3-6 months that I'm working with you, you will see breakouts. These are just old lesions coming to the surface that I will extract every two weeks.

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