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Yay! You're engaged. Congrats! Let's get you clear, healthy skin before you walk down the aisle. 

Just like your wedding day, your skin is unique too. That's why you need a personalized program that addresses your acne and skin concerns at the root.  

I will be your guide as we work 1:1 and provide you with specialized skincare advice tailored to your skin.

I recommend starting the Bridal Acne Bootcamp 12-6 months before your big day.


The Bridal Acne Bootcamp includes:

✧ A thorough skin analysis and consultation

✧ Bi-weekly acne treatments

✧ Review diet and lifestyle changes to help clear your skin

✧ You'll receive a customized home care regime with a step-by-step tutorial

✧ 1:1 skin coaching

How it Works:

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Step 1: Journey Call 

The Journey Call is a quick 5-10 minute ZOOM call where you and I will go over the acne program to make sure it's aligned with your skin goals. 

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Step 2: Consultation & Treatment

Once we complete the Journey Call, you will come in for your first treatment and consultation. During the consultation, we'll create a treatment plan to help you get clear. At your first treatment, I will analyze your skin and give you a sensitivity test followed by a mild exfoliation and extractions. 

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Step 3: Products

After your treatment, we will create a home care regimen together. Your new homecare will consist of 7-8 products for your morning and night routine. Your first product purchase is $200-$250.

Step 4: Bi-Weekly Treatments


Think of me as your acne coach along the path with you to clear skin. When you come in for treatments every 2 weeks, they will be personalized for your skin that day. Acne treatments are $95 and I recommended booking out your 12 appointments.

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Step 5: Glow Down the Aisle

Lastly, the maintenance phase. By now, you'll be rocking your beautiful, naturally glowing skin! This isn't the end of your journey. I will still be here to coach you along the way if you need skin tips and advice to keep you on the right path.